Data Security Assessment

Digital data replicates and moves at the speed of light. When organizations suffer a data leakage, it not only impacts bottom line operations, but they could also ruin its reputation. In the past ten years, RiskView has witnessed an increasing number of data leakage incidents. We anticipate an increased number of unintentional data loss incidents in 2017 due to a number of factors.

Organizations must apply Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls to critical data and across its life cycle. Such controls can be grouped in Discover, Monitor, and Protect controls. Accordingly, RiskView has developed unique capabilities to assist clients with qualitative data risk management and quantitative (technology driven) controls for:

  • Data at Rest: When data is in storage. This includes hard drive, file systems, emails, databases, etc.
  • Data in Motion: When data is in transit. This includes FTP, email, social media, etc.
  • Data in Use: When data is being consumed or transformed. This includes print, copy, and paste options.

Our data security assessment services include:

  • DLP strategy, program management, roadmap, and product selection
  • DLP benchmarking and gap assessment
  • Data discovery and insight (ownership and governance)
  • Data movement and sanitization
  • Data tokenization
  • DLP technology deployment and implementation

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