Security Assessments

RiskView offers security assessments services in all areas, including but not limited to Network Security, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Data Security, Wireless Devices, Databases, and Cyber Resiliency. Our assessment services not only identify asset vulnerabilities, but also quantify the risk by assigning severity levels to vulnerabilities and correlating it with your threat landscape and asset value.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Risk Assessment

An AI system must be reliable, auditable, and explainable. There are 8 types of risks to consider for AI systems.  Further there 6 security and 7 privacy.  We help our clients validate the security and privacy of their AI systems and implement appropriate controls.

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Cyber Resiliency Assessment

To close the confidence gap between the reality of day-to-day operations and management perception, our personnel use a collection of benign cyber-attack techniques to simulate real-life cyber-attack scenarios and validate your assumptions regarding the effectiveness of controls. We also validate all necessary controls in the following areas:

  • Application Security
  • Network Security

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Application Security

Enterprise reliance on software applications for automation, efficiency, and precision has been a massive opportunity and risk. Software has penetrated every aspect of our lives in a very subtle and transparent way. We rely on our smart phones, tablets, and computers to do our daily work. Moreover, we are also heavily reliant on software. Accordingly, our application security assessments consists of the following services:

  • Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Code Review and Static Analysis
  • Secure Enterprise Application Integration

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Network Security Assessment

Our personnel assist our clients by determining the scope and frequency of network vulnerabilities, and accordingly, perform network and host (internal and external) network vulnerability assessments. Our Network Vulnerability Assessment (VA) services are grouped into three categories of services:

  • Periodic network VA as a service: Our clients often request that we perform a one time or periodic network VA to verify the strength of their network security profile. Industry best practices suggest that you periodically rotate vendors for a more comprehensive VA

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Data Security Assessment

Digital data replicates and moves at the speed of light. When organizations suffer a data leakage, it not only impacts bottom line operations, but they could also ruin its reputation. Our personnel offer data security assessments in order to prevent potential data leakages.

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