Enterprise Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

RiskView offers a variety of Governance, Risk, and Compliance services to assist clients in navigating the increasingly complex regulatory, compliance, and risk management environment. The success of any organization depends on how well it is governed, how risk is managed, and how to demonstrate compliance with regulatory controls.

RiskView’s eGRC solution—which encompasses people, processes, and technologies —helps organizations gain visibility, improve performance, and reduce risk and compliance costs. The superior management of corporate policies, regulations, legislations, privacy guidelines, and security controls means success for your organization.

Enterprise Policy and Regulatory Management

A poorly designed Enterprise Policy and Regulatory Management solution often results in redundant, contradictory, and disjointed controls and policies that are impractical, lagging, and immeasurable. RiskView offers unique methodologies and tools for policy rationalization and regulatory mapping which allows organizations to effectively rationalize, map, and publish policies, control standards, procedures, and other practices.

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Compliance Management

It is critical to document control frameworks, assess design and operational effectiveness, and respond to policy and regulatory compliance issues. RiskView helps its clients:

  • Reduce compliance silos and audit tests.
  • Consistently document and implement control frameworks, control procedures, and test plans.
  • Employ a risk-based scoping process.

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Risk Management

Vendor risk management helps organizations centralize governance, risk, and compliance requirements for all vendors and suppliers. It also helps organizations with performing effective risk assessments and follow-up activities in an efficient and logical manner. RiskView offers an eGRC based Vendor Management that:

  • Aggregates vendor profiles, contacts, facilities, contracts, and engagements.
  • Uses industry-based (e.g. SIG) vendor risk questionnaires (or build your own in a matter of minutes).

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Vendor Risk Management

Vendor management helps you centralize the governance, risk, and compliance requirements for all your vendors and suppliers. It helps you with the risk assessment and follow up activities in an efficient and effective manner. An eGRC based Vendor Management:

  • Aggregates vendor profiles, contacts, facilities, contracts and engagements.
  • Uses industry based (e.g. SIG) vendor risk questionnaires, or build your own in minutes.

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Incident Management

Efficient incident management processes allows organizations to report security and fraud incidents, manage their escalation, track investigations, analyze resolutions, and provide meaningful reports. Our incident management service leverages industry best practices from ITIL, CIRT, and other frameworks and technologies to provide organizations with a solution tailored to specific needs. We also use a set of well defined KPIs and KRIs to provide effective incident management reports.

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Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management services can help organizations proactively manage IT security risks through the combination of:

  • Asset value (based on business context)
  • Configuration management
  • Actionable threat intelligence

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