Cyber Security Consultant

Job Title: Cyber Security Consultant
Consultant Company: RiskView Inc.
Location: Flexible
Job Type: Flexible
Industry Information Technology Compensation: Flexible
Location: Flexible

Company Introduction
RiskView Inc. is a Cybers Security Consulting Firm located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our team consists of experienced professional consultants and software and network security engineers with expertise in Cloud Security and other recognized industry certifications.
We have 20 years of experience delivering IT security and risk management solutions and professional services.

Our team members have: 

  • Key Certifications: CISSP, OSCP, CSSLP, CISA, GDPR, PCI, and DLP.
  • Industry knowledge and an understanding of business issues.
  • 20+ years of Software Security and Software Development experience.
  • 20+ years of IT security and risk management experience.
  • 20+ years of large and complex IT implementation experience.
  • A clear understanding of regulatory, privacy, and industry best practices.
  • Experience in working with IT audit support initiatives.

Why Work with RiskView?

We offer: competitive compensation, remote-working and adherence to COVID-19 protocols, bonuses, benefits, training and certifications, and vacation time.


  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining information security protocols, policies, plans, and systems to address cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Performing cyber security threat risk assessments.
  • Meeting with clients to discuss existing and targeted security measures, frameworks, roadmaps, systems, applications, and other cyber security-related matters.
  • Overseeing and managing meetings with IT departments to address cyber security events, incident response and other protocols and procedures.
  • Identifying methods and ways to protect systems, networks, software, data and information systems against any potential cyber security event.
  • Providing a coordinated response to complex cyber-attacks that threaten company’s assets, intellectual property, and computer systems.
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of security monitoring and incident response processes and solutions to support cyber security programs.
  • Overseeing and implementing vulnerability and penetration testing, application monitoring, and other testing.
  • Compiling and presenting reports of test results.
  • Training key stakeholders on a wide-range of cyber security awareness topics, concepts, requirements, standards, and procedures.


  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to present in a clear, concise, and cohesive way for clients and key stakeholders.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills.
  • Relevant cloud, IT, and cyber security experience and interest.
  • Relevant IT and cyber security degree or certifications.
  • Excellent technical skills for building and improving security architecture aligned with business objectives and requirements.
  • Knowledge of data protection best practices.
  • Knowledge and certification ion cloud security: Azure, AWS, and GCP.

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