Policy and Regulatory Management

Effective governance requires superior management of corporate policies, regulatory, legal, privacy, and security controls. 

A poorly designed Enterprise Policy and Regulatory Management solution often results in redundant, contradictory, and disjointed controls and policies that are impractical, lagging, and immeasurable.
RiskView offers unique methodologies and tools for policy rationalization and regulatory mapping which allows organizations to effectively rationalize, map, and publish policies, control standards, procedures, and other practices.

While RiskView’s partners provide the most comprehensive content library for industry specific regulatory and legal requirement, our specific tools and methodologies allow organizations to manage their policy and regulatory life cycle, and map internal policies and controls to external regulatory obligations.

RiskView provides the following policy and regulatory management solutions and services:

  • Establishing regulatory and legal alerts and monitoring
  • Regulatory and legal control requirements inventory  management
  • Policy Life-cycle Management
  • Policy Rationalization and Regulatory Mapping
  • Policy Distribution and Consumption
  • Policy Compliance Management

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