Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss is considered one of the most serious threats that businesses face.

Maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive and personal data is an essential factor in operating a successful business. People must be able to trust that their service providers take the appropriate measures to implement security controls that will ultimately protect their interests and privacy.

However, some of the largest and most reputable organizations have fallen victim to data loss security breaches resulting in significant legal, financial, and reputation loss.  Some examples include [1]:

  • The Bank of America: Losing the personal employee information of over one million employees
  • The United States Government: Losing data related to the military
  • Heartland Payment Systems: Transferring credit card information and other personal records of over 130 million customers

In 2013, it was estimated that data breaches had resulted in the exploitation of over 800 million personal records [2]. This number is also expected to rise over the next several years given the advanced tools that cybercriminals use to steal information and data.


Interestingly, it is not just cybercriminals who represent a threat as:

  • 64% of data loss is caused by well-meaning insiders. 
  • 50% of employees leave with data. 
  • $3.5 million average cost of a security breach. 

Considering these extensive data breaches, it is practical for organizations to understand where their critical data is located and understanding current security controls that can stop data loss.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions locate organization’s sensitive and personal data and help prevent data loss. By having an understanding of efficient DLP security controls, you will help protect the reputation of your organization.

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See the following DLP document to understand how you can prevent data loss:

To view the document, click the following PDF link:  2016-04-12_DLP_First_Meeting_Presentation-Partner_Ver




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