Technical Writer

Company: RiskView Inc.

Job Type: Temporary

Industry: IT Consulting

Compensation: Flexible

Location: Downtown Toronto

Cybersecurity is chartered with managing and directing the security programs focused on the discipline of cyber security design, implementation, analytics, threats, monitoring, response, and investigation across the organization. Our core services are focused on assuring the security of the computing environment, protect customer and employee confidential information, and comply with regulatory requirements globally. This is accomplished through strong information risk governance, active collaboration with business risk managers, and providing high quality security solutions and services which enable improving the organization’s overall risk posture.

The Role:

  • Gather information from several sources, including operations employees
  • Compile information into easily digestible step by step instructions
  • Compile instructions into a logical and user friendly training manual
  • Use screen shots and other training aids to add interest and context to the manual
  • Facilitate the implementation and training of the manual
  • Own and Manage all Technical Observation/Assessment reporting components derived from multiple Cyber Security Critical Environment Assessments
  • Establish templates and reusable material to include data input from multiple sources

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Previous technical writing experience
  • Previous facilitation experience
  • High degree of professionalism
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to multitask